Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Continual Pentecost

At the heart of the Rule and Life Franciscan friars profess is the statement by St Francis: “Let them desire above all else to have the Spirit of the Lord and His holy activity within them.” Francis goes to the very heart of the Gospel for if we do not understand the role of the Holy Spirit we just do not understand the Christian life.

Jesus did not come simply to teach us a new way of living. He came to give us new life by the gift of  indwelling Spirit. The outpouring of the Spirit is the summit of Christ’s mission, the greatest fruit of his Cross and the source of our transformation. By the gift of the Spirit the healing mercy and liberating power of Jesus Crucified and Risen are made present, real and available to us. The Holy Spirit carries us into the very heart of God.

Pope Paul VI once asked the question: “What is the greatest need of the Church?” And he answered: “The Church first and greatest need is to live Pentecost. The Spirit is the Church’s mystery and life. It is he who animates and sanctifies the Church. The Spirit is her divine breath, the wind in her sails,  the inner font of her light and strength. The Holy Spirit is her source of charism and song, her peace and joy. The Church needs her perennial Pentecost. She needs fire in her heart, words on her lips, and prophecy in her outlook. If we really love the Church the main thing we must do is to foster in her a new outpouring of the Divine Spirit.”

Our greatest need as a Christian people, especially in this time of purification, is a continual Pentecost,  an interior Pentecost. We need to live Pentecost.

The Fire still falls.
The Breath of God is still given.
The Living Water is still poured out.

Come Fire of God.
Come Breath of God. 
Come Spirit of God.