Thursday, 22 March 2012

Not Withholding Ourselves

Lent is a time to take a deep look are our lives in the light of Christ's love. People make a special effort to celebrate his compassion in Confession. 

But to be honest, many do not find this easy to do.

Elizabeth O'Connor suggests a way to approach the sacrament in a more positive way.

"When our repentance is real and not a whip, it has the possibility of giving us a whole new attitude. Actually, Confession is made for the revealing of our light - gifts of love, faith and creativity.

Understanding this, however, will not always make the resistance to Confession less. If we exercise love, we become vulnerable. If we confess our gifts, we are apt to be asked to use them.

In the end, the sin we must all come to look at is the sin of withholding ourselves. This is the sin that keeps us beggars in life."