Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Our Empty Graves

I once got a card at Easter that wished that there would be "many empty graves" in my life.  Not the usual greeting! But it carries a deep truth.

 As I reflected I realised that again and again throughout my life the Lord's saving love has lifted me out of the graves of sin and shame, of failure and disappointment, the graves of pain and hurt, of loss and bereavement.  I have constantly found renewed hope and courage in the Risen Christ.

With the Lord there is always the possibilities of fresh starts in our lives.

With Christ every moment can be a new beginning.

This is what it means to say that he is our resurrection and our life.

The resurrection is not simply a past event in the life of Jesus. Nor is it simply a future event we look forward to in faith. Here and now, indwelt by the Spirit of the Risen Lord, the resurrection is meant to be a living power, a divine energy, in our lives.

What grave are you in now? What darkness entraps you? The darkness of fear or regret, of sin or bitterness, of  loss or of shattered relationships.

To believe in the resurrection in our lives means our hearts and spirits can now experience what our bodies will one day undergo.

May the Easter life flowing from the Lord pierce our darkness,  touch our weakness, and revive our deadness. Yes, indeed, may there be many empty graves in our lives.