Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Passion in Jesus' Heart

Jesus went to the Cross with a fire and a love we simply call the Passion. But the heart of the Passion of Jesus was the passion in the heart of Jesus for each of us.

You and I - all of us - can say with St Paul: 'He loved me and sacrificed himself for me."

He gave himself for me, totally and freely!

I can't I get my mind around that. If I live to be 600 I can never grasp the full meaning of the love revealed on Calvary, what it meant for Jesus and means now for me and the world.

To be honest with you - sometimes I almost regret that he loves me with such a passion. How can I be causal about my relationship with him when he has sought me with such lavish goodness - this Hound of Heaven whose love has brought him so far for my sake?

 He has literally gone to hell and back for me.

Sometimes I wonder:
How could my poor, mediocre life  draw such love from him?
How could I  mean so much to him?
How could I have such value in his eyes?

This Holy Week, with the community of the Church, I gaze once again with faith on Christ Crucified, ponder his love and allow it to go deep, where it needs to go now in my life.

And, please God, my response to his passionate love will be joyful, free and wholehearted!