Sunday, 8 May 2011

Touching our own Wounds!

I last reflected on how, like Thomas, we too can touch the wounds of Jesus when we reach out to the suffering Body of Christ today.

But what of touching the wounds of Jesus in our own lives?

Sometimes it is easier to show compassion to others than to ourselves. Many people can be harsh in their own self-judgement, their hearts tainted with bitter self-condemnation. For whatever reason, they have little or no gentleness with themselves.

But to have mercy on our own weaknesses,
to look with tender awareness as we struggle with heavy burdens,
to touch our own woundedness with understanding love
- this too is touching the wounds of Christ.

We are asked to mediate the Lord's overwhelming goodness to ourselves as well as to others. 

Touching the wounds of Jesus, in the lives of those who suffer and in our own lives – making contact with these wounds - still brings blessings.