Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Living in Christ

Do you know that in the New Testament the phrase “in Christ” is repeated 164 times? We are “in Christ.” What does that mean? By the indwelling Spirit we are united by a real enduring bond with Jesus, we are one with the Risen Lord, we live now in Christ. Our baptismal oneness with the Lord has glorious consequences. 

If we only understood the gift of God, our dignity as God’s sons and daughters, the sublime presence of the Spirit that is already ours!

For example, what of the truth that, because of our baptism, the Spirit of the Lord prays within us, indeed is prayer within us.

Though we might not know God’s will in a given situation – Christ’s Spirit within us surely does.    Though we might feel powerless in our prayers – Christ’s Spirit within us does not. Though we might feel lacking in trust in God’s love – Christ’s Spirit within us does not. Though we might feel exhausted and confused – Christ’s Spirit within us does not.

But this God-given reality that is ours is not just for communion in prayer but also for partnership in mission. The same Spirit of God that filled Jesus has been given to us, and has made us one with the Lord.

-    So those we serve, Christ serves.
-    Those we forgive, Christ forgives.
-    Those we comfort, Christ comforts.
-    Those we lift up in working for justice, Christ lifts up.
-    Those we pray for, Christ prays for.

The core of our Christian living is simple: Live the grace of your Baptism. Live under the guidance and influence of the Spirit. Live in the Spirit. 

Allow the Lord’s love have its way with you. And then let that love flow out to others.