Saturday, 21 January 2012

No Running from our Brokenness

In his very first homily as Pope, Benedict XVI said: “The Pope must be conscious of being a frail and weak man, since his strength is frail and weak, constantly needing purification and conversion.” 

Just as well for him and for us! If the Pope was perfect he would not need the mercy of Christ; if he had no sins and failings he would have nothing to say to us who are frail and struggling.

The great spiritual guides, past and present, tell us:  do not run from your brokenness, do not flee the tensions and paradoxes of your life; do not hide the imperfections from yourself or God. 

True healing comes, not from redefining the goal to allow us to declare ourselves perfect, but from a compassionate, grace-filled vision of life in which our weaknesses can be lived with even as we seek to grow and deepen.  

Not to need God and his compassion and grace because of our imagined perfection would be the worst of fates.