Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Always Gratitude

I just finished reading the newspaper and came away dispirited. So many articles and comments voice discouragement even harshness, whether about society or the Church.

Now as I write I look out on a garden that is fresh and radiant with new life on this May day, and prayer and gratitude stir within - once again gifting me with perspective, helping me to "regain" my soul.
"Prayer is our humble answer
to the inconceivable surprise of living.

It is all we can offer in return
for the mystery by which we live.
Amidst the meditation of mountains,
the humility of flowers
— wiser than all alphabets —
clouds that die constantly
for the sake of God’s glory,
we are hating, hunting, hurting.
Suddenly we feel ashamed
of our clashes and complaints
in face of the tacit glory in nature.
It is embarrassing to live!
How strange we are in the world,
and how presumptuous our doings!
Only one response can maintain us:
gratefulness for witnessing the wonder,
for the gift of our unearned right to serve,
to adore, and to fulfil.

It is gratefulness which makes the soul great."

 Rabbi Abraham Heschel