Friday, 18 May 2012

Fan the flame

“Fan into a flame the gift given you… the Spirit of love, power and self-control” (2Tim 1:6,7)

The ongoing experience of Pentecost is meant to be a reality in the life of the Church and of individual believers. It is the ever-deepening awareness of all that God promises us as our inheritance, in which there is always more that we can receive.

"If you but knew the gift of God!" Faith and desire open us to the divine gift.

Expectant faith is not about new efforts.
It is a new desire. 
Growing in expectant faith is growing in desire. 

The more we desire, the more we ask for.
The more we ask for the more we receive.
The more we receive, the more we are capable of giving.
We are invited to move deeper and deeper into the stream of the Spirit.

Trust releases the power of God to act in us. But the Lord can only fill the empty. Am I expecting the Lord to fill a container that is already filled? Hand over all the burdens - the fears, the hurts taken on, the resistance to His grace and will.

Let Him prepare your heart.

Christ wants it for you more than you want if for yourself – the fruit of the Cross of Jesus is the Spirit poured out.

In these days of grace we asked to be available to recreating Love – in simple prayer we open ourselves to the Divine.